Week 6 or week 7 who’s counting?

Monday April 27th 2020

Christine Grahame

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.

Week 6, I’m actually on week 7 but who’s counting?

All of us.Yes, it’s getting tougher but as we all know in our heart of hearts, there’s no way out of this yet. No easing up, no normality for a good time yet.

For those who are breaking the rules are not just putting themselves but everyone else in danger. It leads to more early deaths, and more risk for the folk working in our hospital, care homes, shops, on the buses. If only this virus was visible in the air, on surfaces, some hideous purple or green it might make them aware of how thoughtlessly stupid it is to play Russian roulette with it.


But it has also brought out the best in us: neighbours helping neighbours perhaps having conversations with them for the first time and volunteering on a scale not seen for decades.

Penicuik Ambassadors are involved in various things within the community. Not just as you would expect food shopping and collecting medicines, they are also running a books, games and puzzles library, all donated. They have been given the use of St James the Less Church Hall for storage. Items can then be left outside the Manse and are disinfected by a team of volunteers, sorted and packaged up for people. Nobles (car sales) has donated a van and a member of staff to drop items off to people. To learn more you should go onto the Penicuik Ambassadors Facebook page or call 07990 117700 for more information.

Midlothian Libraries Lego Club is having to be creative as the children can’t attend the libraries. Good job that they are experienced in being creative! Every Tuesday at 10am, they post a challenge on Facebook. Last week it was ‘Use your imagination to create transportation!’. Children have until 4pm to build something with their Lego and the winner is announced at 4pm. Very impressive. Check them out on Facebook and Gorebridge Resilience is running ‘The Friendly Voice’ service for people who would like to chat. To register for the service, text 07895 716510. Just a few examples of the good work despite these hard times.

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