Overprovision unfair claim

MP Encourages local people to volunteer for Connect Project

A Midlothian guitarist/composer has released a contemporary instrumental record capturing the mood and atmosphere of modern Edinburgh.

Parents who drink alcohol while out for a meal with their children will be watched by restaurant and pub staff as part of a new series of licensing controls planned for Midlothian.

A new property platform has started up covering Dalkeith and the surrounding area. Libermove is trying to change the way people buy and sell property in Scotland.

Midlothian Council is introducing a charge for kerbside garden waste collections.

Go watch a film series that is helping change perceptions about what justice should look like in 21st Century Scotland.

The council gear up to take on whatever the weather throws at them this winter to keep priority roads and pavements gritted.

Household waste bins in Midlothian could be halved in size or reduced to monthly collections in a bid to crackdown on garden waste diversion.