Dalkeith High is the highest

For the last month residents in Midlothian have not been getting replacement green food recycling bags.

Business Gateway Midlothian offers a wealth of free advice and information to help you start your business.

Women for Independence (WFI) Midlothian has launched a campaign to support local women and girls affected by period poverty.

To mark the closing of the current Newbattle High School building the school are holding a memorabilia exhibition and tour.

Midlothian Council give the go-ahead for a two storey McDonald's drive thru restaurant at Tesco in Hardengreen.

Sports facilities to be demolished once the Newbattle Community Campus is opened.

Since Monday traffic attendants have been putting warning flyers on illegally parked vehicles in Midlothian.

Midlothian Councillors have agreed to postpone the vote for a new Provost to allow the parties more time for discussion.