Abandoned Mayfield caravans to be removed

Thursday March 24th 2022


Mayfield residents have posted photographs on Facebook of children playing on the abandoned caravans.

Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Abandoned caravans left in the old Mayfield Leisure centre car park have been causing concern amongst the locals.

The caravans have been vandalised by local youths and residents are concerned that local children will injure themselves as they are attracted to play inside them.

Mayfield and Easthouses Community council member Robert Hogg said

“These caravans at the old Mayfield Leisure centre car park, which is owned by Midlothian council, were reported to the Police and the Council but after two weeks still nothing has happened. And so we have resorted to asking the local press to take it up to see if they can make council take action quicker as it is a health & safety matter as children play in this area.”

Last week a Midlothian Council spokesperson said:

“Midlothian Council recently approved an Environmental Crime Enforcement Strategy, which extends abandoned vehicles to include caravans. Protective Services are currently investigating and will take appropriate enforcement action where required.”

Today Midlothian View contacted the council for an update and we were told that that the caravans are now in the process of being removed by tomorrow.

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