Councillor to stand for Greens in Westminster Election

Sunday January 18th 2015

Midlothian Green Party has announced that Midlothian Councillor Ian Baxter has been selected to contest the Midlothian constituency at the Westminster election in May.

Ian Baxter has lived in Midlothian for 35 years and been a Green councillor for the Bonnyrigg ward since the local elections in 2012. He also represented the party at the last Westminster election in 2010, where he achieved the best result ever for Greens in Midlothian and beat three other candidates.

Ian Baxter said, “With membership of the Greens having quadrupled both in Midlothian and across Scotland since the referendum, this is an important election to ensure the distinct Green message is put forward. The excellent track record of Caroline Lucas in Brighton shows that electing a Green MP gets results, and in blind polling, more people agree with Green Party policies than with those of any other party. We believe that by offering policies that are popular, principled and reduce inequality, we are offering something different to the message of voting to keep someone else out, espoused by other parties which on closer analysis are pretty much the same anyway”.

He continued, “On the economy we will be focussing on our opposition to the austerity measures supported by the main UK parties and our campaign for a £10 an hour Minimum Wage; on the environment climate change and our opposition to fracking will be high on the agenda, and on public services we will continue to press for bringing the railways and Royal Mail back into public ownership”.

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