Local MSP to raise problem of nuisance calls

Tuesday November 29th 2016

Nuisance Calls

SNP MSP for Midlothian North and Musselburgh, Colin Beattie has pledged to support Scottish Government efforts to cut down on nuisance calls, after it was announced that a new commission is meeting this week to tackle the issue in Scotland.

Nuisance calls can be particularly disruptive for vulnerable people across Midlothian causing distress and even financial hardship, sometimes leaving people too scared to even answer their phone.

SNP MSP Colin Beattie plans to raise the problem of nuisance calls in Midlothian with the Nuisance Calls Commission, and invites any constituents plagued by cold calls to get in touch.

Commenting, SNP MSP Colin Beattie said:

“Cold calling can be very distressing, particularly for vulnerable people across Midlothian – and can go as far as causing financial hardship and even leave people too scared to answer their phones.

“The Scottish Government has been taking action to prevent nuisance calls, and this new Nuisance Calls Commission will help give individuals and businesses more power to stop cold calling, whilst exploring if stronger regulation is necessary.

“I intend to raise the issue of nuisance calls in Midlothian with the Commission and invite any concerned individuals to get in touch to talk about their experience.

“The Commission is an important step in helping to tackle the problem. Whilst the UK government announcement on banning pensions cold calling is welcome, more can be done to protect individuals and the Scottish Government intends to use newly devolved powers to do what it can to prevent nuisance calls, whilst urging the UK government to do more and to work with them to take concerted action.”

Proportion of calls that are classified as a nuisance.

1 GLASGOW 938431 483303 51.5%
2 EDINBURGH 212606 101690 47.8%
3 SOUTHAMPTON   58604 26794 45.7%
4 ABERDEEN 77007 35091 45.6%
5 SHEFFIELD 37662 16691 44.3%
6 LIVERPOOL 104670 43477 41.5%
7 MANCHESTER 283948 112910 39.8%
8 NOTTINGHAM 56418 22189 39.3%
9 TYNE & WEAR 263122 101492 38.6%
10 CARDIFF 25965 10015 38.6%


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